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The Follower (2008) – Silent Film Project about a stalker. Humorous and Silly.

Golgotha (2008) – Mini series set in late 2009 as a secret government project comes full circle. Action, Drama, Sci-fiRise of the Kage Senshi (2009) – three young ninjas are all that stand between humanity and a demon reincarnate. Action, Drama, Fantasy-Supernatural

Midnight Dreamers (2010) – What happens when dreams and reality push the boundaries of reality? What happens when the man of your dreams is waiting for the same chance encounter? Drama

Epic Claim (2011) – What happens to the business owners of local store fronts encounter a superhero trying to “save the day.” Drama, Comedy

BioCyber (2011) – In the near, but distant future Jackson Winters awakens after a long sleep to find  that the world he’s living in is populated by biological machines. Drama

Mushi-Shi: House of Seasons (2011) – Ginko is a man who travels from place to place solving troubles people have with the supernatural entities known as Mushi. In this story Inspired by the manga/anime by: Yuki Urushibara, Ginko investigates a mysterious house that travels in time between the seasons. Mystery, Fantasy-Supernatural

Poison (2011) – The world has become overrun with a biological poisonous weapon which has distroyed all animal life across the world. The son of the PKC virus’ creator, Adam Parker, is left to search is home for survivors while avoiding infection. Drama, Tragedy

DemonGate Series (2011) – Follow the work of junior Demonologist Jason Myers, and his girl friend Amy, as they encounter a swarm of demon spirits called “familiars.” Based on a longer form story “The DemonGate Chronicles

The Snowball Effect (2012) – Follow yet another moment in the life of Jennifer Snow, a trained assassin who has shrouded her on feelings of guilt, with a cold murderous heart. Drama

The Legend of Naval – Telling the Story (2012) – A narrated telling of the film The Legend of Naval (pronounced na-voll) due to incomplete filming. Eric Summers is transported to a parallel world where magic is law and dark sorcerers plague the land. Will Eric learn what is means to be a wizard and find his way home? Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy

Burst Transmission (2010, 2013 re-release) – Set in the distant future where a man awakens with no memory, following only his own recorded messages. Drama, Sci-fi, Mystery.

Behind the Artist: Series (2012, 2013, 2014) – An autobiographical documentary of an artist’s perception of what it means to create and the surrounding creative process. Documentary

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