Upcoming Projects

1. Soul Carrier
Synopsis: A young man becomes the “Soul Carrier” in his small town. The soul carrier’s job is to transport the recently dead  person’s soul to the afterlife.

Status: On Hiatus


2. DemonGate: Book of Hours
Synopsis: One year after the events of DemonGate (The series) Jason enlists the help of two unlikely heroes to aid in his quest to find a chamber containing the keys to a new set of “DemonGates”.

Status: On Hiatus


3. Chimera
Synopsis: Ace was created by scientists in the Nazi empire in WWII Europe. Escaping at a young age, he fled to America with a man willing to guard him from the world and keep him safe. Captured by the US Government he was locked away for nearly 60 years by those who feared his power. Now present day, Ace has since been released into the world, but spends his time wandering the world, for no one has the courage to look past his  artificial nature of being a “Chimera”

Status: On Hiatus


4. All That Remains

Synopsis: Far in the future when wars are no longer fought with blood, but instead with machines. One man’s recollection is fueled only by terror and regret.

Status: Final Draft of Script in Progress, Estimated Release Fall 2015

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