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About DMC Films:

2008: DMC Films, began as a handful of projects produced out of boredom and for a High School Video Production Class. In late 2008 a project by the name of “Golgotha” was undertaken by a group of college students. Working with what little free time was available to them they created what was to be a “stand alone” short using one enthusiastic student as the “villain” and a handful of Nerf ™ guns to their aid. What became of the film was a small cult following desiring a more refined story and a conclusion to the cliffhanger that the pilot left them with.

2009-2011: With the aid of the returning cast, and a few newcomers amateur writer and director Benjamin Yockel, began creating more and more films by 2009, under the fabricated indie film group entitled “DMC Films.”

2012-present: Today, DMC Films still uses cheap equipment, and exists without a budget, but still creates entertaining productions with what little is available at no cost. DMC Films is currently an unlicensed sub-brand of Cinder Block Studios

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    • I have no problem looking over one, but these days I don’t even have time to produce most of my own projects. So, I’m not sure I’d get around to yours either. Thanks for the interest though!

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