What’s to Come in 2015

Hey film fans (and creators)! I’ve got some exciting news for some new projects (but not films) that I’m working on. With the recent upgrade in camera and audio equipment I now have the reassurance to work on some creative commons VFX and Sound FX packs. Some of you may be familiar with my “dust” effects than can be seen in at 1:56 in my telling of “The Legend of Naval (Navoll)” project (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LK5kBZmtx5U). In addition to the dust effects I hope to play around with some other particles such as rain or snow (both real and fake) to assist other content creators with some simple keying effects and can really go a long way.


Additionally over the years I’ve found it actually rather difficult to find a good set of sound effects for any given project as those sites that allow for free download don’t allow for either monetization and those that allow for commercial use ask for an insane fee just to download a 5 second sound clip. I say NO MORE OF THIS! So look forward to some creative commons effects (both video and sound) coming later this year.